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At Oak Investigative Services, we stand behind our values of conducting professional, ethical and discreet private investigations for our clients.

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We offer many private investigation services in Arizona. Investigations include but are not limited to, backgrounds, child custody, civil, due diligence, domestic / infidelity, fraud, hidden assets and skip trace / locate

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Oak Investigative Services is an Arizona Department of Public Safety licensed private investigations agency. We have over 20 years of experience conducting law enforcement and military investigations.

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Why us for your private investigator needs?

Oak Investigative Services is your Arizona licensed private investigator. Located in Mesa, Arizona we provide private investigative services throughout Arizona. Our purpose is to assist you in providing the best private investigator services you deserve.

Those services include but or not limited to:


Child Custody


Domestic / Infidelity

Due Diligence


Hidden Assets

Skip Trace / Locate

By conducting professional, ethical and discreet private investigations,
our goal is to help our clients uncover the facts concerning the problems they might be facing. 


We offer free consultations to assist in understanding your situation and how we can assist you with our private investigation services.


Our clients range from private individuals, businesses and law firms. We provide the investigative services to assist in finding the facts and solving your problems.

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