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Many times, when people think of a private investigator, the first thing that comes to mind is a cheating spouse. They may view the private investigator only as the person who spies on the spouse.

This is far from the truth. There is so many services a private investigator can provide beyond conducting surveillance. Oak Investigative Services has compiled a top 10 list of how our private investigative services can help you.

How can a private investigator help you in your personal injury case?

1. We will legally obtain records concerning the accident. This includes police reports, driving records, and insurance information.

2. Once the records are obtained, we will conduct a thorough review of the documents and identify any missing information needed for the case.

3. We will locate all possible witnesses who have the potential to provide facts concerning the incident.

4. Once witnesses are located, we will interview them to gather facts and determine how credible they are.

5. We will gather all evidence, so it can be presented to the court. This includes witness statements, photographs and video documentation about the incident.

6. We can locate assets to determine if it is worth pursuing civil litigation and assist in judgment recovery.

7. We can respond to the incident to obtain the evidence before it can be destroyed, or an individual’s memory fails.

8. We will canvass the area to help identify possible evidence, including video from surveillance cameras. The majority of video surveillance systems are on a loop, and the video is not saved indefinitely. It is important to identify and preserve as much evidence as soon as possible.

9. We will conduct a social media analysis to find any relevant evidence.

10. We can help strategize with the attorneys to establish an investigative plan that will assist in the resolution of the case.

Why Oak Investigative Services?

If you’re a personal injury attorney, time is not on your side. As time ticks away, so does the evidence involved in your case. It is important to bring a private investigator into the case as soon as possible.

Oak Investigative Services personnel can use our years of investigative experience to help you strategize to improve the outcome of the case.

Utilizing a private investigator will give your staff the freedom to focus on their work and not on investigative tasks.

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