Arizona Private Investigator - Civil Investigation

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Civil Investigations deal with cases that are heard in Civil Court. Civil Court deals with disagreements that can be between individuals, business, corporations or partnerships. This can also include disputes with cities, counties, or states. 

Most common Civil Investigations deal with a breach of contract, debt collection, monetary compensation, property damage, personal injury or family law issues such as divorce or child custody. The individual that is filing a Civil Court Case is seeking to be made whole or right a wrong

So how can Oak Investigative Services help you in a civil investigation? 

We have experience gathering information that can be used as evidence in court.

We will provide a detailed report of our findings that could help you in your proceedings.

Types of Evidence Utilized in Civil Investigations

  • Public Records / Open Source Information
  • Social Media Account Information
  • Recorded and written statements from witnesses, friends, family, and coworkers
  • Records concerning Assets