Arizona Private Investigator - Hidden Asset Investigations

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Hidden assets are common in divorce cases where a spouse has hidden property from another spouse.

The intention is to hide the asset or assets during divorce proceedings to protect it from being divided.

Assets can be anything of monetary value, such as money in a foreign bank account, property owned in another state and any other item that can hold financial value.

Why do you need to conduct a hidden asset investigation? 

According to a study conducted by The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), concerning financial deception.

  • Nearly three in five of these adults (58%) say they hid cash from their partner or spouse.
  • More than half of these adults (54%) kept a purchase hidden from their partner or spouse.
  • Thirty four percent of these adults say they lied about finances, debt and money earned.

How does Oak Investigative Services, LLC help in a hidden asset investigation

We can verify financial information that is reported to government agencies. 

Oak Investigative Services will provide you a report revealing any hidden property and bank accounts.