What is a skip trace / locate investigation?

Skip trace or Locate is the investigative term to locate or find a person who has “skipped” or is trying not to be found.

Arizona private investigator - Skip Trace Locate Investigations

There are many reasons why you would hire Oak Investigative Services to conduct a Locate or Skip Trace. 

The person you are trying to locate:

  • could have recently relocated
  • defaulted on a loan that creditors need to find
  • be a witness
  • hiding from law enforcement
  • have family members trying to reunite with them

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How do we assist in a Skip Trace / Locate Investigation?

As your Arizona private investigator, Oak Investigative Services utilizes public records and private investigator databases to locate an individual.

We gather and verify information from multiple sources and provide the information to you.

What we will do in an Investigation

As your fact finder, we will stick to our standards by conducting:

  • Professional
  • Ethical
  • Discrete Private Investigations

If you have any questions concerning a Skip Trace / Locate investigation, contact us for a free consultation.